Sam Webb, President:

As a Wildlife Rehabilitator, I saw human-wildlife conflicts first hand  and learned that the key to coexistence is awareness and education. I began giving educational talks about wildlife in the spring of 2018, I joined Wild Wise Sooke and took on the role of Community Coordinator. 

I have a degree in Animal Behaviour, Ecology and Conservation and have worked with and studied wildlife in Ontario, New York, Virginia, Oregon, B.C. and South Africa. Every experience has taught me something new that I hope to share with the Wild Wise community. 

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Lynn Reusing:

Hi, my name is Lynn and I’ve lived in Sooke for 2.5 years now.  I moved here from Vancouver and honestly, I was nervous about moving here due to the amount of wildlife in the area.  I met Sam Webb (the coordinator of Wild Wise Sooke) at the fall fair and started asking questions re: attractants and best practices.   I then asked about volunteer opportunities and there are so many ways in which to help out this amazing organization. 

I’ve always had a love of animals, I currently have 3 dogs, one which is special needs.  I volunteered for a dog rescue while in Vancouver for a couple of years but found I wanted to keep most of them.  Hence the move to Wild Wise, no chance of new family members.  No room for a bear as cute as they are…

I see on social media that the “city folk” get a bad rap when they move to a rural area and wanted to make sure I was not one of those that caused habituation in any wild animal.  I now love seeing all of the wildlife and have learned how to co-exist with them all.  If you see me out and about popping up those “BEAR IN AREA” signs, please say hello!!

Jennifer Davison:

Jennifer Davison moved to Sooke about 10 years ago to get closer to her favourite hiking spots and beaches.

After a bear got into her neighbour's garbage, she immediately got involved with Bear Aware. She continues to volunteer with Wild Wise to help support both people and bears in our beautiful community. After all, that is why we all moved out to Sooke in the first place!


Gary O'Connor:

I've been around the block a few times and got lost here and there. Worked in everything from video and audio to a government computer network system to writing scripts and paperbacks, doing art, and even dabbled in acting a few times. I played the lead in a docu-drama in my twenties, which I've never seen, but I heard I did good. But, my real love is animals. Ever since I was little I've looked out for critters large and small. I've volunteered here and there including the SPCA's Wild Arc, transporting wild patients and helping critter, trying to make a difference in saving lives, saving our wildlife and the living world. And I'm very excited to join Wild Wise and help humans co-exist the wildlife I love.

Anna Lee:

My name is Anna and I just recently started volunteering with Wild Wise. This fall, I moved from the Kootenays to study marine biology and coastal ecology at the University of Victoria, so when I discovered this awesome program on Facebook I knew it would be a great opportunity to learn more about wildlife in Sooke. I like to go for walks with my dogs, garden, draw and check out all the interesting creatures in tide pools on the beach. I'm looking forward to an excellent summer with Wild Wise and doing a lot of exploring around the local beaches and forests!