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Photo: Lee-Ann

Injured adult Deer


Who can you call about injured deer?

BC SPCA Wild ARC 250-478-9453

BC COS 1-877-952-RAPP (7277)

Why are options limited for helping injured adult deer?

Juvenile and adult deer are susceptible to capture myopathy, a medical condition induced by stress that often leads to rapid deterioration and death. Capturing and confining an adult deer is dangerous for both the people and the deer involved. Even IF rehab is successful, this now healthy adult deer would then again have to be captured, contained and transported back to the wild. Understanding deer biology ad physical limitations is key when weighing the pros and cons and deciding what the best course of action may be. Sometimes what seems like "help" could end up doing more harm than good. If instructed by a wildlife professional to monitor a deer - please do so. Deer often overcome their physical injuries and go on to live long lives. However, if a deer becomes immobile and isn't eating, please call the professionals listed above.


"Winter Deer Syndrome"

In the fall and winter, deer may have a general unkempt look with diarrhea and bloat. It is important to monitor deer like this from a distance and keep track of if they seem to be getting better or worse. Contact the professionals for more help.

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